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SearchNative Performance League

To ramp up the innovation and boost team-work, we have started the SearchNative Performance league. All our employees can participate in this league which includes competitions such as best performer awards, essay writing, knowledge transfer activities, training sessions, games, talent hunt, general knowledge quiz, etc. And the winner takes away attractive prizes!

International Yoga Day Celebration @ SearchNative

Since its inception, Team SearchNative celebrates the International Yoga Day with a lot of enthusiasm. We regularly invite the expert yoga trainers and arrange a seminar where our employees can learn more ways to be healthy and happy. Ms. Ritu Mehta conducted the seminar, where all the employees of SearchNative indulged in Yoga, Meditation, and Deep Relaxation techniques.

Health And Happiness Through Ayurveda Seminar

Well-known Ayurveda Consultant and Panchkarma Physician Mr. Bhavdeep Ganatra organized a seminar on ‘Health and Happiness through Ayurveda’ at the SearchNative workstation. The seminar helped the employees understand their body type and make diet, exercise, and lifestyle decisions accordingly. The team learned the ways to prevent and heal the disease conditions with scientific knowledge of human life.

Workshop On Cyber Security And Ethical Practises

Being an IT and Digital Marketing Company, we understand the tumultuous nature of the internet and disruptive technologies. Our Technical Architect Mr. Navil Shah conducted a workshop where the team learned about data protection and server protection techniques. Also, the workshop included a group discussion on ‘Ethical IT Practises in today’s world’.

Yoga Time: Everyday @ 4 PM

Our most innovative step to maintain the good health and fitness at the workplace is the ‘Daily Yoga Session’. The entire team assembles on the workstation at 4 PM every day and exercises ‘Chair Surya Namaskar’ which is a combination of 10 positions of stretching sitting on the chair. Every position helps in improving the body’s flexibility and muscle functions.

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