Take advantage of the automated chat bots

Doing business online is a necessity now-a-days! People like to do shopping online as it is convenient and fast. Online world gives you the amazing chance to get connected with so many people at the same time. And that’s where people face a crucial limitation. How to engage with and respond to so many people at the same time?

The answer is Artificial Intelligence! AI can help you automate your conversation with people over a chat box or emails. SearchNative will create a unique chat bot which you can deploy over your website or even your Facebook profile and utilize the amazing power of automation. Now you don’t have to worry about failing to respond to a customer’s query.

Why SearchNative for your Chatbot?

An ISO 9001 : 2015 certified organization, SearchNative offers you the best chat bot programming solutions! Team SearchNative is the congregation of agile and experienced Chat bot Developers, who will create the best chat bots and an amazing communication experience for your customers! Get the AI Chat bot advantage over your competitors, with SearchNative.

SearchNative can help you increase sales, give a fine shopping experience, and make your customers happy! If you own a Facebook Marketplace, the chat bot can help you guide your customers through purchase. If you have an Ecommerce business, the chat bot can offer products to your customers as per their needs. If you are providing services such as ITeS, Events, or Entertainment industry, a chat bot can help you manage your target audience online easily.

Advantages of deploying a chat bot

  • Amazing Accessibility: The customer can communicate with you anytime through Facebook Messenger or chat box on your website.
  • Seamless Engagement: The Chatbot can understand the customer’s needs and provide apt responses spontaneously.
  • 24 X 7 Availability: Whether night or day or holiday, the Chatbot never goes offline on Facebook and your website.
  • Limitless Growth Potential: As the no. of queries increases, only Chatbot can give them all a timely response.


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