How We Work

At SearchNative, our biggest strength is the highly organized working process which is religiously followed by our team of experts. Conforming to the highest quality standards, that’s how we work! This is the reason why SearchNative has been able to achieve the ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System Certification. We follow a finely defined process which entails the following steps…

1. Early Communication with Prospects

We proudly take initiative and approach the prospects to offer our services. Team SearchNative educates the prospects about the possibility of growth in their business using the Tech Advantage.

Early communication with the prospects establishes a firm ground for discussing about the need for IT solutions, as per their individual business model. This is the step when SearchNative and client becomes a TEAM.

2. Brainstorming and Requirements Analysis

The Think Tank gathers and deliberates on the need of technological solutions required for each project. This is the step which allows us to identify the perfect solutions for scaling up the clients’ business.

This step involves both Team SearchNative and the client as the team analyses the client’s vision for the future; and the discussions are held to assess the possibilities and also the impossibilities.

3. Defining Scope of Work & the Way Forward

The detailed scope of work is defined and documented which acts as the blueprint of the project. The Scope of Work encompasses details of all the tasks, products/ services, and resources.

Also, the project is defined into phases and the time-frame for each phase is decided in advance. Team SearchNative is committed to adhere to the SOW and provide all the deliverable in stipulated timeline.

4. Execution of the SOW and Campaigns

The project stats with a Kick-off meeting and Team SearchNative commences the production process. This step is done in close coordination with the client and deliverable are fine tuned as per client’s vision.

All the innovative strategies and creative designs are created and implemented while maintaining the deadlines and scope of work in mind.

5. Tracking and Optimizing the Results

The output is constantly evaluated by Team SearchNative and the client as well. This step involves checking the effectiveness of the solutions implemented and its overall result.

In every project, the strategies need to be revised as per the prevailing market conditions and trends, So, the results are scrutinized and steps are taken to optimize them as per the actual scenario.

6. Reporting and Submission to the Client

As each phase reaches to its end, a comprehensive report is prepared and submitted to the client for evaluation and records. The clients then scrutinize them and help the team manoeuvre on the process further.

This step helps in clearing out the doubts and getting a clear understanding of the exact course of action. With this step, a phase finishes and the preparation for the next begins.

7. Revising and Optimizing for Next Phase

With the coordination and suggestions from the client about upcoming phase, the original plan is amended and updated for achieving the best result in the upcoming phase.

For the next phase, steps 2 to 6 are again followed with the revised set of targets, plan of action, and resources. The best efforts are made to optimize the results by the client and Team SearchNative.



Our team of experts is thorough with the latest happenings in the tech world. We would suggest you the best solution, always.


Across all industry verticals and sectors, our experience in creating the most customized web and app makes us super confident.


We know our deadlines and we stay true to our commitment. We render our services with the professionalism - a class apart.


You can trust us with your details because we respect the notion of confidentiality. You can rest assured that your information is safe.


Our team of creative geniuses has the ability to think out of the box and communicate your ideas through attractive designs.


SearchNative readily provides you all the support required even after completion of the project, so that your business is non-stop.

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